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About Us

You may have heard about us by the help of the newspapers, through online ads, or even on the TV. We are one of the most prominent taxi services when it comes to providing the best quality and the comfort no doubt at all. We are the New Malden taxi services that are doing their best in order to provide you the best that you and use from. Here at our services we have done almost everything that is compulsory in order to make your experience better than ever.

New Malden taxis are offering two different ways through which you can make your bookings with us. No doubt at all we are always willing to provide that is much suitable for our customers is that they won’t have to hassled about any that may start any problems. So we have developed the system that you can either make your bookings with us via online or you can also try to book us by the use of calling on our landline numbers.

The same applies as when you are willing to contact us in order to either to give us your advice, want to ensure something or want to complain. New Malden taxis always welcome your options as they mean a lot to us, no doubt we are always in the try that we should do our best in order to make.

We are welcoming the orders in bulk also, as we would be honored if you become our long term customers. No doubt at all we are doing our best in order to make our services much better for us. There are two different ways through which you can make your payments with is, we are taking thorough online transferred as well as you can pay the cash to the driver of your cab.

New Malden taxis are offering different kinds of the vehicles, which includes the following mini buses, mini cabs, people carriers, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and other. You can choose your vehicle on your own, on some vehicles the prices may go a little bit up.

You can hire us if you are willing to go in the New Malden or the places that are nearby from this city. New Malden taxis are also offering our services for the tourism as you can take the advantage for visiting the city or also you can try the offered that can be used in the sense of travelling from one spot to another. No doubt that our soul, love to hear from you, we are always welcoming the suggestions that you can give us, as all over they mean a lot to us on the other hand, there are few of the ideas that we have added in services that were basically suggested by our customers.

New Malden taxis are actually aiming to provide cheap taxis without compromising the standard of our services; in this sense, we are doing every step those as necessary in order to take from the help all over. So his base is that we aim to expand our services by having good customer reviews.

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